Our Design Philosophy
Your Web site is a key extension of your business if you have an on street presence or the heart of your business if you are a solely Web based business, so it should be well designed, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use & fast.

With that said, if you have searched for Web development companies on the web already, you would have noticed that most spend a lot of time talking about what they can do and what cool new development techniques they are using now. Our design philosophy is different - we talk about you and what you want to get done - with the key emphasis placed on your business objectives and what you aim to achieve with your Web site. The key areas of our design philosophy being:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it User friendly
  • Do not use cutting edge technology for sake of being cool
  • What is the purpose of your Web site
  • Who are your Target Audience
  • What is your overall business strategy
  • How does your Web site fit into your strategy
  • What is your key messages
With the above design philosophy as our foundation, we will then meet with you and your staff to create the Web site that meets your business objectives.